Scario – the Quaint Seaside Village

We had spent a few days on the Amalfi Coast and was wondering what a more peaceful village on the coast would be like. A little away from the throng of the tourists, like it was up in the mountains at Castel del Monte or Calascio. The drive from Salerno was nice and we grabbed … Continue reading Scario – the Quaint Seaside Village

Chrysler Imperial – Air Conditioning

The 1953 Chrysler Imperial was the first successful production car with the option of air conditioning. Packard (1940) and  Cadillac (1941) had unsuccessfully experimented with it years early. Walter P. Chrysler had seen to the invention of 'Airtemp' air conditioning back in the 1930s for the Chrysler Building, and had offered it on cars in 1941-42, and … Continue reading Chrysler Imperial – Air Conditioning

Salerno – a City, a Port and a Wonder

Time to say goodbye to the amazing Amalfi Coast. Off we go on another adventure. A little sleep in and then a nice drive down the coast and check out Salerno on the way through. Salerno is a lovely coastal city with a major regional port - Rione Porto. It's a lovely setting with the … Continue reading Salerno – a City, a Port and a Wonder

Drifting – I Just Don’t Get It.

Motor Racing has been around in one form or another since the 1880s. Cars were designed, built and raced for the purpose of a start to finish competition, run to the quickest time or the completion of the most laps. Either way the foundation for these were building and running the fastest most reliable car. … Continue reading Drifting – I Just Don’t Get It.