Paddle Shift – the other transmission.

Everyone has had exposure to automatic and manual transmissions but a new type is becoming very common in road cars today. The paddle shift. So what is it and is it good bad or somewhere in between? Basically two paddles are situated behind the steering wheel in line with your normal hand placement at a … Continue reading Paddle Shift – the other transmission.

Alpine A110

The quandary that is the Alpine A110. Extraordinary rally capabilities, mean squat stance and yet one of the prettiest cars ever built.  Such  a contradiction. Small with amazing agility and performance like a bantam boxing above his weight. The Alpine A110 is a small rear engined sportscar with similar configuration to the Porsche 911. Originally the … Continue reading Alpine A110

A Little Inconvenience for Safer Roads

When did you last get a Learners Road User Manual and read over the road rules of your country.  I would imagine it's been many years. If at all. Is it reasonable for so much importance be placed on this when learning to drive and on getting your full licence it is never be addressed … Continue reading A Little Inconvenience for Safer Roads

You and your car – 1962 Holden EK

Imagine sitting around one day and wondering if you could track down a piece of your family history. Well that's exactly what Tim decided to do, find and hopefully buy back the beloved 1962 Marine Blue EK Holden sedan of his grandfather. The search began with the checking online of photographs from car clubs in … Continue reading You and your car – 1962 Holden EK

Before the Mustang – Studebaker Avanti

"You have a face only a mother could love" I had always found this comment depressing and annoying. Yes some people are better looking then others but some less attractive people have a lot more to offer then the good looking ones. The same can go about cars. The Studebaker Avanti might not be the … Continue reading Before the Mustang – Studebaker Avanti