My Fifteen Favourite Movie Cars

14.  DeLoreon

The DeLoreon, as a tricked up time machine, is synonymous with the movie Back to the Future starring Michael J Fox.


The DeLoreon DMC – 12 (DeLoreon Motor Group) was a sports car built by US businessman John DeLoreon from 1981-1983. The prototype first appeared in 1976 but went through a few changes including some design work by Colin Chapman. Eventually commencing production in Dunmurry Northern Ireland where approximately 9,000 models were made.

It is a V6 rear-engine design producing  only 130 bhp and with 65 – 35 rear to front weight distribution. It came with 5 speed manual or 3 speed automatic transmissions with a top speed of 110 mph and 0 to 60 in 10.5 seconds. Gull wing doors, innovative fiberglass structure built on a steel backbone chassis. The car only came in silver due  its panels all being brushed stainless steel.

The car did not have spectacular performance but it was very unique and did look fantastic.

Roving Raccoon

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