The Ultimate SUV

The Ultimate SUV

Everyone, say hello to what I consider the iconic grandfather of the modern day SUV the Lamborghini LM002 (Lamborghini Military 002)


Designed by Lamborghini in an unsuccessful attempt to win a Saudi Arabi Army contract.

This beast had a Countach V12 engine and was able to scoot across the desert at a top speed of 130mph. We’re not talking the 21st Century but in the mid 1980s.


It is the King of Muscle in the automotive industry. Hearing that roar as it draws near is like a PA system announcing ‘Ladies and gentleman our next contestant is Arnold Schwarzenegger. ‘

Quite rare today they turn heads wherever they go. And with such famous owners as Tina Turner, Sylvester Stallone, Eddie van Halen and Mike Tyson.

Roving Raccoon

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